County launches Comprehensive Plan Update

Submitted by San Juan County

San Juan County is kicking off its Comprehensive Plan Update with support from a consultant team and a grant from the Department of Commerce.

All counties, cities, and towns in Washington state planning under the Growth Management Act are required to periodically review and update comprehensive plans and development regulations to ensure consistency with state laws and the expected population and employment projections for the next 20 years. San Juan County has set a goal to adopt the Comp Plan by June 30, 2025.

The 2025 Comp Plan update process includes:

Implementing a public participation plan (see draft plan linked here

Reviewing and incorporating GMA changes into the Comp Plan (see FAQs on the County’s Engage website at

Updating data and conducting analyses

Analysis under the State Environmental Policy Act

Advisory committee meetings

Planning commission work sessions and hearings

County council meetings and hearings

Public Participation

The county is developing a Public Participation Plan that will guide the organization’s engagement efforts during the update process and outline opportunities for the public to learn, engage, and provide valuable feedback to the County.

The Planning Commission will review the draft Public Participation Plan at their May 17, 2024 meeting. The public is invited to send feedback about the draft participation plan to Sophia Cassam at by May 27, 2024. Feedback from the public, Planning Commission, County Council, and County staff will be incorporated into the final Plan. The draft is available for review at:

What’s New?

The County is also developing a new Climate Element as part of the Comprehensive Plan update, and an accompanying Climate Action Plan to address the impacts of climate change. The Climate Element is being developed separately and in coordination with the Comp Plan update. For more information, please visit the Climate Element’s project webpage.

More information, including public participation opportunities, drafts, and hearing dates, will be added to the Comprehensive Plan’s page on the Engage website as they become available: