Cause of Argyle accident under investigation

Early last night, a female driver crashed into two vehicles and damaged a number of barriers on a construction site on Argyle Avenue.

None of the construction workers on the scene were injured, but the drive did sustain minor injuries. The sheriff’s office confirmed the injuries were not of a serious nature.

The accident occurred when the driver was coming down Argyle Ave. She hit a number of traffic control barriers being used at the construction site and then hit a truck, which caused her car to flip over and then strike a second truck.

The county traffic investigator, the undersheriff, the sheriff and deputy arrived soon after the accident to investigate. Blood was taken from the driver for a possible DUI, but investigators won’t know the cause of the accident was until they receive a toxicology report from the state crime lab.

“Considering what happened we thought that was prudent,” said Undersheriff Brent Johnson in reference to the blood testing.

Currently the incident is classified as a traffic accident traffic, which could have been caused by medical issues or driving under the influence.

The investigation is ongoing.