Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

2021 San Juan County Election

  • Wed Nov 3rd, 2021 11:07pm
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San Juan County voters cast their ballots in a number of races and measures in the Nov. 2 general election. There are 14, 567 registered voters in San Juan County. The results are as follows with 5,278 total ballots counted and a turnout of 36.23%.

Friday Harbor Mayor

Ray Jackson at 67.35%, Farhad Ghatan at 31.16%

Town of Friday Harbor Council Member 4

Mason Turnage at 61.83%, Howard Rosenfeld at 37.43%.

SJC Fire Protection District No. 2 Fire Commissioner 2

Patrick Shepler at 67.4%, Wesley H. Heinmiller 32.26%.

SJC Fire Protection District No. 3 Commissioner 2

Dwight T. Colley 51.64%, Bob Jarman 48.02%.

SJC Fire Protection District No. 4 Fire Commissioner 2

Phil Paige at 97.21%, write-in at 2.79%.

Port of Friday Harbor Commissioner 3

Victoria Compton 74.14%, Greg Hertel 25.47%.

SJC Fire Protection District No. 3 Proposition No. 1 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Levy

Proposes that the San Juan County Fire Protection District No. 3 will be authorized to impose regular property tax levies of $0.50 or less per thousand dollars of assessed valuation for each of six consecutive years, commencing in 2023.

Yes at 54.99%, no at 45.01%.

SJC Public Hospital District No. 1 Proposition No.1- Authorizing Regular Property Tax Levy

Would authorize a regular property tax of $0.70 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for collection in 2022 and the resulting levy dollar amount would thereafter be used for the purpose of computing the limitations for subsequent levies under RCW 84.55.050

Yes at 52.9%, no 46.1%.

Charter Amendment proposition No. 1

Puts equal protection on the economy and the natural world. Adds an acknowledgment to the Coast Salish people and recognizes their ancestral lands and water, and treaty rights.

Rejected at 51.85%, approved at 48.15%.

Charter Amendment Proposition No. 2

Concerns power limits for council members. County Charter council members would be able to run for three consecutive full terms of office and after concluding the third term be able to file for the position of County Council member or be appointed to County Council member.

Approved at 73.36%, rejected at 26.64%.

Charter Amendment Proposition No. 3

Ensures provided oversight of the department of Environmental Stewardship regarding the department’s duties to protect the environment. This would include allowing executive or legislative action to the County Council regarding compliance with environmental laws, recommending new hiring for the director of the department, developing and conducting an environmental action plan.

Rejected at 60.92%, approved at 39.08%.

Charter Amendment Proposition No. 4

Remove the requirement that initiatives provide for new additional sources of revenue needed to implement the initiative, to reduce the signature qualification requirement for San Juan County initiatives and referendums from 15 percent to 8 percent of county votes, and to add a display requirement identifying paid signature gatherers.

Rejected at 71.23%, approved at 28.77%.

Charter Amendment Proposition No. 5.

Would provide that the county will not discriminate in the provision of government services.

Approved 51.72%, rejected at 48.28%.

Charter Amendment Proposition No. 6.

Would establish a new eleven-member commission appointed by the County Council to provide advice and support on matters concerning justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Rejected at 63.56%, approved 36.44%.

SJI School District No. 149 Director 1

Sarah Werling Sandwith no opposition running.

Sarah Werling Sandwith at 98.28%, write-in at 1.72%.

SJI School District No. 149 Director 2

Babara Nash Bevens no opposition running

Barbara Nash Bevens at 97.77%, write-in at 2.23%.

SJI Park and Recreation District Commissioner 2

Shannon Miniken at 97.98%, write-in at 2.02%.

SJI Park and Recreation District Commissioner 3

Scott Zehner at 99.06%, write-in at 0.94%.

SJI Park and Recreation District commissioner 5

Allison M Moalli at 98.49%, write-in at 1.51%.

SJC Cemetery District No.1 Commissioner 2

Kim Sundstrom 81.7%, Linda M Francis 17.84%.

SJC Cemetery District No. 1 Commissioner 3

Rex Guard at 81.54%, Daniel Miller at 18.31%.

SJC Public Hospital District No. 1 Commissioner 3

Everett Clary at 96.15%, write-in at 3.85%.

SJC Public Hospital District No. 1 Commissioner 5

Trish Lehman at 97.85%, write-in at 2.15%.