Best Mosquito Zappers 2021: Top Bug Killing Traps to Buy Now

No one likes home bugs as they tend to be highly annoying, hence the name! The most recommended way to solve this menace is through the use of bug zappers.

Zappers can be used around a home or installed on the patio or home backyard. Some people also use them when walking around or when camping outdoors.

The sale of bug zappers online skyrockets as the summer season approaches. We have taken it upon ourselves to test all the bug zappers leading in online sales this year.

After an extensive review, we have established that the following are the best zappers of 2021.

Best Mosquito Zappers in 2021

Our review team spent weeks testing, listing the pros and cons, and debating rankings to prepare the following list for you.

After a thorough analysis, we have settled on the following set of bug zappers:

Black + Decker Bug Zapper

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Top on our list of the best bug zappers of the year is Black + Decker’s Bug Zapper. The brand is widely popular and commonly featured in similar lists for several reasons.

The bug zapper comes highly recommended due to its ability to protect your home and yard from numerous types of pets. It can be placed on the ground, on a table, or hung on a tree.

It’s upon you to place it where you think it will fit best and leave it to begin attracting and zapping the bothersome mosquitoes.

The Black + Decker Bug Zapper uses an inbuilt UV light to give the impression of a food source. Mosquitoes are attracted to the light and soon start to fly towards it.

Instead of finding a good food source, the mosquitoes get to encounter a fully charged electric coil.

Buzz B Gone

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Buzz B Gone is a trending name online and is prominently featured in all discussions related to bug zappers. It was officially launched last year and has already accumulated tons of positive reviews.

The zapper may not possess the powerful features of some of the zappers listed here. However, its efficient design helps it make up for the compact frame.

It uses a purple UV light to get bugs to come to it. Once the bugs approach it, they encounter an electric coil that zaps them forcing them to die immediately.

Buzz B Gone top features include:

  • A collection chamber for use in cleaning up the dead bugs
  • Rotating fans
  • Battery-powered
  • Reasonably priced

With a retail price of $40 per unit, Buzz B Gone is among the most affordable bug zappers of 2021.

Flowtron BK-40D

image 7

It’s an electronic bug zapper that has amassed more than ten thousand reviews online and is considered among the top sellers on leading websites like Amazon.

The Flowtron BK-40D has garnered more than 13,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars when writing this review.

A simple look at the feedback provided shows why you should highly consider getting this zapper for your home, particularly your backyard.

The zapper has the advantage of size, compared to others mentioned in this list. It weighs 5lbs and is around 17 inches tall.

Consumers have an option to buy several attachments for it, including detachable attachments that include:

  • A timer
  • A mosquito/bug attractant cartridge
  • An additional bulb

The Flowtron BK-40D may be among the biggest bug zappers on this list, but it also happens to be among the most efficient and affordable.

Hemiua Bug Zapper

image 9

Those captivated by the Flowtron BK-40D but aren’t ready to spend much on a zapper should go for the Hemiua Bug Zapper.

It’s cheaper but comes backed by a 4.6-star customer rating and over 19,000 consumer reviews. The zapper has an internal, 4,200 electric grid around it and is about 12 inches tall.

The grid has electrical housing to ensure animals and people don’t get to touch it accidentally. Its manufacturer claims it can zap up to a range of 1,500 square feet.

It’s best for use in homes, backyards, campgrounds, and patios. You only need to leave it in a central area and leave it to perform its duties.

Each unit comes with an inbuilt hook that can be used to hang it at the desired location. The only differentiating factor from the other zappers in this list is its low brand recognition.

Dynatrap DT1050

image 6

When we look at the bug zapper powering options, this zapper comes second to the Flowtron BK-40D. The team behind the Dynatrap DT1050 has designed it for both indoor and outdoor use.

It can zap bugs within half an acre of space. Thanks to its steel alloy structure, it’s one of the most durable bug zappers on this list.

You need to use it daily to eliminate the insects and bugs around your home. Its top features include:

  • No-touch cleaning and a simple operation that can be executed by simply switching the trap on or off.
  • A silent fan that helps to trap the bugs inside it, making the cleaning process simpler
  • While the Dynatrap DT1050 zapper is efficient at its job, it doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery, thereby eliminating portability.

Users are required to port it into a standard power outlet for them to use it. But despite this, it remains among the top zappers available in the market today.

Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper

image 2

It’s the first zapper on this list to rely on solar energy in its operations. The Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper can be left outside to zap bugs for as long as you want.

The zapper will continue to zap bugs within its operating radius as long as it’s powered. According to the manufacturer, the lantern can attract mosquitoes, flies, and gnats.

Apart from being solar-powered, the Anysun is among the lightest units in this review, making it highly portable. It features three lighting modes and can be used at any time.

It’s the best zapper for individuals who like to camp outdoors in remote areas. The zapper covers a radius of 538 square feet, weighs 2lbs, and has an IPX65 waterproof rating.

Fuze Bug

image 8

This insect zapping system can be used on your patio, backyard, and around your property or home. With a $40 price tag, the Fuze Bug offers the same value as the other zappers in this list.

Its design team has come up with a unique design to trap insects, which sees it zap bugs within a radius of 375 square feet. A single charge can protect for up to 20 hours.

The Fuze Bug provides you with the best protection possible when camping or looking to zap insects present in your backyard.

It features a purple LED light to attract mosquitoes, flies, and other pests to its electric coil. The coil becomes activated when you flip the switch.

The zapper comes with a double-layered grid to facilitate the cleaning process. It also prevents the kids and pets from touching the electric coil.

Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer

image 3
Compared to the other bug zappers we have reviewed, this isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. However, it does make up for this with its efficiency.

The Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer comes with bright lights used to attract mosquitoes and other bugs. Bugs are zapped when they get too close to it.

A single unit retails for $41, making it highly affordable to anyone looking to protect their homes and families.

Each unit comes with a set of two replacement bulbs, ensuring you get long-term protection from the pesky bugs. The Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer is the perfect solution for homeowners who don’t want to use chemicals to eliminate bugs.


image 10

If you’re looking for something unique, which uses more than light to attract bugs, look no further than the Moskinator.

We established the device using a combination of light and a fan to suck in the mosquitoes during our review.

The light attracts the mosquitoes, and as they get closer, the fan sucks them in, trapping them inside. Bugs can’t free themselves from the trap!

All they get to do is fly inside the fans until they dry out and begin to die. It’s a chemical-free bug elimination system recommended for use in homes, patios, and backyards.

Apart from mosquitoes, you can use them to get rid of other whirring insects. While it does have a small stature, it does eliminate dozens of mosquitoes in a single use.

For you, this translates to fewer mosquitoes bugging you at night.

Moskinator Retail Price: $73


image 13

The aptly named device is the second on this list to specifically target mosquitoes instead of other flying insects present in residence.

Mosquitron operates using the exact bug zapping mechanism as the Moskinator. It combines a light system and a fan to attract the mosquitoes to it before killing them all.

Another unique feature that sets it apart from the others in this review is that it’s the first zapper to use intelligent controls. Many zappers on this list operate using a basic zapping mechanism.

All that’s needed to activate them is a simple flip of a switch. The Mosquitron is an easy-to-clean intelligent device powered by a USB cable.

Of all the bug zappers reviewed in this article, it happens to be the smallest. It doesn’t take up much space on your patio, bedroom, or desktop.

Its compact nature means it’s highly portable and can be used when traveling or camping. Its efficiency and portability do come at a cost, as it retails at $89.

Despite being relatively more affordable than the other zappers, its zapping abilities are some of the best. Get to enjoy highly discounted rates when you order more than one unit.


image 12

Flying insects are attracted to the MosQiller by its bright inbuilt light before getting trapped and zapped. It works best on:

  • Drain flies
  • Gnats
  • Fruit flies
  • Mosquitoes

One of the features it shares with the other zappers on this list is its hushed. It operates at library-level noise without compromising its zapping abilities.

A simple glance at it will reveal that it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing bug zapper you have ever seen. However, it’s easy to carry around and doesn’t require much effort to have cleaned.

The compact design makes this bug zapper ideal for camping, garden, and home use. Its light is only meant to affect insects, making it safe for both pets and small kids.

With a starting price of $79, it certainly isn’t the cheapest bug zapper on this list, but its prices begin to drop with every additional order.

1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern

image 1

The 1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern can be described as a 180-lumen LED camping lantern. It attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects using its inbuilt light.

Consumers will be happy to know that this is among the smallest units reviewed in this list. It can be used in backyards and other smaller spaces.

Durability is among its standout features. It comes with a 2,000mAh shockproof battery that can provide continued protection against bugs for up to 20 hours.

Its pricing is another feature we liked about it. A single unit costs $30 per unit, making it among the most affordable bug zappers on this list and the internet today.

The affordable pricing means homeowners can afford to purchase several units to be placed in multiple spots within the homestead.

The 1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern uses a natural UV light instead of a fake purple or blue LED light used in some of the units we have reviewed.

Its coil gets to zap all the insects and mosquitoes that come within its radius.

MoskiX Band

image 11

Looking at all the bug zappers we have reviewed in this article. The MoskiX Band is a unique one by far. It’s only available online at the Hyperstech e-commerce store.

All the bug zappers we have reviewed either use an electric coil or a fan to kill the bugs. Here, we are looking at a smartwatch that repels them when moving about.

The zapper will serve as the best mosquito repellant for those who like to go on early morning walks or runs. It can as well be used when sitting on the patio or camping ground.

We recommend it for those who want to repel mosquitoes when relaxing or just sitting around and don’t want to have to shoo them away.

It attracts an $89 price tag, making it among the most expensive bug zappers on our review. Note that this isn’t technically a zapper but more of a repellant.

The MoskiX Band combines the power of wireless frequencies and modern smartwatch technology, making it an excellent gadget to have with you when outdoors.

Some individuals have even gone as far as using it to complement the other bug zappers we have mentioned in our review.

The Criteria Followed When Ranking the Bug Zappers

All the bug zappers we encountered when preparing this review all claim to eliminate mosquitoes and other flying insects. However, very few live up to this promise.

In the course of our review, we established that some of the zappers are too small. They can’t cover a backyard or patio. Others don’t last more than a few days before breaking down.

All the zappers we have included in this review have been tested and found to work correctly. Our ranking criteria considered the following variables:

Mosquito Attraction Rating

As mentioned above, some zappers use cheap LED lighting instead of ultraviolet lights. Such devices don’t work well, making them ineffective.

Our team individually tested all the zappers we have reviewed in the Southeastern United States over the last summer. We wanted to see whether they could attract, zap, and efficiently kill the mosquitoes and flies. The attraction rating was our most important consideration.


Not all zappers can be used in a home, as some are too bright and can easily blind those around the property. Bug zappers that use cheap blue or purple LED lights can easily ruin the ambiance of your backyard. Consider buying zappers that have grids and bars meant to protect the eyes from the bright lights.

Price and Value

Regardless of your budget, you should find a good bug zapper for use in your home. As you can see from our list, we have included multiple zappers having different price points.

We made it a point to consider homeowners having different budgets, which is why we have included both cheap and high-end bug zappers. For every price point, we emphasized good value, ensuring that each consumer obtains value for the amount they spent on the zapper.

Total Coverage Area

Bug zappers come with different coverage areas. As mentioned, some are too weak to cover more than a few feet. The more coverage it can give you, the more consideration you should give it. It doesn’t matter whether you intend to use it in a small room. High-powered devices, such as those mentioned in this review, get to attract more bugs. The best devices are those capable of attracting many mosquitoes within a short time.


Most homeowners prefer to place the bug zappers in outdoor settings, e.g., backyards or patios. Some choose to carry them along when camping.

Zappers differ when it comes to the materials used to make them. Some are manufactured using shoddy bulbs and cheap plastic, while others are made from stainless steel. Our list features zappers that have been made using the most durable parts.

Ease of Cleaning

No single homeowner wants to spend more than one-hour cleaning scraps from their bug zapper. The best zappers have an electric coil cleaning brush meant to simplify the process. On the other hand, certain zappers use a wind tunnel instead of an electric coil to trap and dry the flying insects.

While our review wasn’t based on the mechanisms used to trap and kill the bugs, we did prefer those that were easier to clean and maintain.

Safety Features

High-quality bug zappers come with safety features that prevent kids and pets from being zapped by the bug zappers. Some feature a dual-layer grid ensuring anyone who touches it doesn’t get zapped. Insects only get zapped when they get inside the zapper. Additional safety features include the use of tip-over shut-off systems. The systems are designed to prevent injuries to users and pets.

Standard Power Supply or Rechargeable Battery

Some bug zappers can’t last for more than a few hours on a single charge. Such zappers aren’t ideal for use outdoors or when camping.

The best zappers can last for between ten to twenty hours on battery power. Some must be plugged into an electric socket for them to work. Others are solar-powered.

Who Should Consider Using a Bug Zapper?

Bug zappers don’t come with a specific set of users. Any person who wants to eliminate bugs can and should use them to protect themselves.

Individuals who can significantly benefit from the protection offered by the bug zappers include:

  • Hikers and campers
  • Individuals who don’t want to use chemicals, sprays, toxins, and other commercially available bug-killing solutions.
  • A person who likes to spend most of their free time hanging out in their backyards
  • Homeowners who would like to protect their family members and pets from the disease-spreading insects.
  • Anyone with a bug problem in and around their home
  • Property owners with homes located around a swamp, creek, lake, or any other bug-infested region.

How Do Bug Zappers Work?

Modern bug zappers use a combination of two systems to trap and kills insects:

  • A fan or electric coil-based system
  • A UV, blue, or purple light to attract the bugs

Bugs are attracted to the light emanating from the bug zapper. Many see it as a viable source of food. Bright lights are naturally associated with living creatures, e.g., humans and animals.

It’s the reason they choose to fly towards the light. The zapper traps them inside and either sucks them into the fan or zaps them using the electric coil before they can fly out.

Some homeowners are known to add Octenol, to enhance the efficiency of the zappers. Octenol is a liquid that mimics the scent produced by human sweat.

Other viable bait options include:

  • Pungent food
  • Tuna
  • Cat food

Some bug zappers use fans or wind to kill the flying insects. Such devices contain fans that are capable of drawing in insects when they get too close to them.

The fans create strong winds making it impossible for the bugs to fly out and escape, thereby ensuring they’ll remain trapped inside the device.

Wind devices provide a hassle-free solution to trap and eliminate bugs. Some of these systems have the same efficiency as those given by electric coil-based systems.

Although zappers use different technologies to trap and kill insects, the most common ones use electric coils.

Scientific Evidence to Prove the Efficiency of Bug Zappers

Most companies producing bug zappers don’t undertake clinical trials to prove the efficiency of their gadgets. But this isn’t to mean that their work hasn’t been tried and seen to work.

Many manufacturers rely on existing scientific evidence when creating gadgets to be used in attracting and killing mosquitoes.

For example:

In this 2017 study, a team of researchers used LEDs to attract and trap insects. They managed to reduce power consumption by up to 26% by pulsating the lights. By the end of the study, they had attracted 250% more insects than when using regular lights.

A second study conducted in 2019 established that UV lights installed in coastal regions in Thailand could be used to trap and kill mosquitoes. The traps using UV lights were more effective compared to other known methods. Each light managed to snare an average of forty-one mosquitoes per night.

A recent study established that day and night mosquitoes have varying responses to changing daytime hours and colors. Certain mosquitoes are attracted and repelled by varying light colors. The results have had a significant impact on the insect repellant and bug zapper production industry.

A 2016 study established that ultraviolet lights are a form of radiation. The good news is that the lights aren’t harmful to animals or humans. As such, they don’t pose any adverse health effects to individuals who have been exposed to them for an extended period.

The CDC wants you to know that mosquitoes are as deadly as they’re annoying. Thousands of people succumb to mosquito-borne diseases each year worldwide.

Examples of such diseases include:

  • Malaria
  • The Zika virus
  • Dengue fever
  • Chikungunya virus
  • The West Nile virus

Individuals living in high humidity levels are at an increased risk of being affected by the above conditions.

All in all, there’s enough scientific research to show that ultraviolet lights play an essential role when it comes to enticing and trapping gnats, flies, mosquitoes, and other household bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bug Zappers

Q: What Are Bug Zappers?

A: Bug zappers refer to home devices that utilize electrical coils to kill gnats, flies, mosquitoes, and other types of flying insects.

A bug zapper can also be referred to as any system used to trap and kill insects and include a fan-based system.

Q: How Do the Bug Zappers Work?

A: Many bug zappers generally operate using a combination of electric coil and light systems. Mosquitoes are attracted to the device by the light before being zapped by the electrical coil.

Studies have shown that mosquitoes are naturally attracted to devices emitting UV light. They are drawn to them as they think of them as a source of food.

However, they get zapped before they can realize that they have made the wrong assumption.

Q: How Do You Go About Cleaning the Bug Zapper?

A: Depending on the design, some zappers can clean themselves. Cleaning occurs when the dead insects fall from the device.

Others have a brush that a person can use to clean the electrical coils. Some have special containers used to collect the bugs, making it easier for you to remove them after use.

Q: Why Is a Zapper Preferred Over a Repellant or Spray?

A: Repellants work by sending bugs away from your property, thereby serving as a temporary solution.

Bug sprays are typically manufactured using pesticides and other known chemicals, which may harm kids and pets.

Both solutions are effective as far as bug elimination is concerned, but there’s a need to consider a third option—zappers.

Bug zappers are considered the best option as they don’t send away the bugs; instead, they eliminate them from the property.

Depending on the bug problem at hand, you could use a combination of zappers and repellants or sprays.

Q: What’s the Total Area Covered by a Single Zapper?

A: Quality zappers, including all the zappers we listed earlier, will cover half an acre of land. Some zappers can cover as much as 1,500 square feet.

Depending on your budget, you could also look for smaller zappers designed for use in areas with limited spaces, e.g., apartments, small patios, and bedrooms.

Q: What’s the Best Bug Zapper?

A: All the units we reviewed earlier come highly recommended by thousands of users. They are considered the best, with each having highly favorable ratings.

If you look at a bug zapper such as the Black + Decker Bug Zapper, you’ll note that it has brand name recognition and thousands of positive reviews.

These are zappers that can efficiently eliminate mosquitoes from your home.

Q: Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Light Sources?

A: Mosquitoes associate a light source with the presence of food. Humans discharge ultraviolet lights, which is why mosquitoes have come to link this light with food.

Bug zappers are designed to take advantage of this association to trap and kill insects. Depending on the designer, the zapper may have additional features, e.g., an octanol attractant cartridge.

Q: Does the Bug Zapper Have Any Effect on Pets?

A: Bug zappers shouldn’t bother your pets or any minor children present in the home. They are harmless to both pets and kids.

It’s why many homeowners choose to purchase zappers instead of using other known insect eradication techniques.

Birds, dogs, and cats don’t react to the scents or sounds coming from the bug zapper.

Q: Do the 2,000V, and 5,000V Pose Any Danger to Users?

A: Zappers come with different voltage levels. Many high-end zappers feature a 2,000V or 5,000V electric coil for use in zapping the bugs.

While this may sound scary, especially to parents, the coils have a high voltage but a shallow current.

Touching the grid will lead to an electric shock, similar to what you’ll experience when you touch an electric fence or a car battery.

However, there’s nothing to worry about as this shock is unlikely to cause any adverse reactions.

Furthermore, the bug zappers come with dual-layer designs and safety cages to protect one from the electrical coil.

Q: What’s the Best Way to Attract More Mosquitoes to the Zapper?

A: It’s not uncommon to find some homeowners adding Octenol to the zapper to help it attract more mosquitoes. The liquid gets to attract mosquitoes by mimicking the scent produced by human sweat.

Mosquitoes are attracted to the pads soaked in the liquid before getting zapped by the electric grid. Lining the grid with this liquid will increase your chances of attracting more mosquitoes.

Q: How Can I Attract More Flies to the Zapper?

A: If flies are the primary source of concern in your home, you should bait them with sugar, honey, or food. Mincemeat and cat food are the top choices for people looking to lure flies and insects.

Make sure you spread the food or sugar around the cage. How many insects and flies you’ll attract to the zapper depends on the amount of food you have scattered around the cage.

Best Mosquito Zappers in 2021 Conclusion

Investing in one of the best mosquito zappers is by far the best way to protect your backyard, home, and patio from bugs. The zappers use a combination of systems to trap and eliminate the bugs.

It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for an excellent zapper to trap and kill the mosquitoes.

The critical thing to note is that bug zappers are not designed to work in the same manner. Those that use cheap lights are not as effective as those that use UV lights.

Some zappers use fan-based systems, while others rely on electric coils to get the job done!

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