Zylstra Lake Trail was not a Land Bank project | Letter

Dear Mr. Fishaut,

First off, your insinuations implicating the Land Bank regarding the Town to Zylstra Lake Trail are way off. The “mysterious” Zylstra Lake Trail was NOT a Land Bank project.

The Land Bank is completely transparent with their purchases and finances. Have you ever actually attended one of the monthly Land Bank Commission meetings or gone to their website? If you haven’t, the meetings are all recorded on YouTube for you or anyone else to view.

You throw out “condescending and elitist.” Where does this even come from? Are there specific examples? Otherwise, it sure sounds to me like a generic political slur. It’s not nice to slur. Former teacher here.

It is because of dedicated Land Bank employees, commission members, and volunteers, that our island community has amazing preserves to enjoy. We can watch swans at Zylstra Lake, enjoy sunrise or sunset views from places like Turtleback or the Westside, or Mount Grant. We can go beach combing or hike with friends and family.

As a physician, surely you recognize the many, many health benefits for children, their parents, teachers, and caregivers from being outdoors. Clean air, exercise, a place of refuge from life stressors, and countless more benefits come from setting aside places like this. With the effects of a dramatically changing world, we need to set aside additional land for conservation now more than ever. I am sad that you would actively advocate against an organization that is an island treasure for all of us and especially our children!

Nearby Nature: A Buffer of Life Stress among Rural Children

Nancy M. Wells and Gary W. Evans Environment and Behavior 2003; 35; 311 DOI: 10.1177/0013916503035003001

Cynthia Brast,

San Juan Island