Vote Jarman – letter

I am 14 years old, and I am Bob Jarman’s granddaughter. I have spent a lot of time in Friday Harbor; I helped at Grandpa’s fair booth during both this election and the last. Even if you have a favorite candidate already, I can offer a different perspective for considering your choice.

My grandpa is very intentional about what he teaches his eight grandkids. No one else that I look up to is so clear about what he wants us to know. Grandpa Bob’s opinions have always been important to me: Donate blood when you can, even if you’re scared of the needle. Make double batches of cookies; we have taste buds and neighbors for a reason. Listen to stories, and Grandpa’s going to tell long ones. Text your grandparents back, because they take a lot of care to select the best emojis.

His bigger lessons stay with me too: Be safe, but not scared, because a life lived a little bit crazy is a life worth living. Be honest, be confident. Strong handshakes, strong voices, laugh loudly. Family should be your number one priority. And the islands should be cared for and protected.

Driving to South Beach, my grandpa tells me how different everything looked when he came here 40 years ago, how much healthier the fields, beaches and animals were. While sitting at the table with aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and parents, hearing about island policies for wetlands, noxious weeds and marijuana isn’t always what I care about. But those issues are always what Grandpa Bob cares about.

What matters to him is preserving the islands for future generations, for me and my seven cousins. Grandpa Bob doesn’t swing to the right or left politically; he is not influenced by agendas or party opinions. His decisions are all in support of what will protect, care for and preserve the San Juans.

Vote for the candidate that will never advocate for personal interests, but for all of the beautiful San Juan Islands. Vote for Bob.

Teagan Hudson

San Juan Island