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Vote for Minney | Letter

I am a full-time resident in Friday Harbor and I strongly support Christine Minney for San Juan County Council in the upcoming November election.

Council is a nonpartisan position (there’s no political party potholes or sewers). Christine is an independent, long-time resident of our islands, who is fully committed to serving all islanders. She embodies a representative government and she is an extraordinary listener.

As a veteran, I know Christine Minney is a natural leader who needs no training for this important position. Christine has demonstrated life experience which will be vital in representing us at County Council. As a mother, she raised her family here and used social services to better herself. Christine built her own home while working full time and raising her family. She owns and operates a successful business. Christine has managed budgets; managed people and she has made many hard decisions.

I am a lifelong democrat and former democratic staff member in Congress, the legislature, and in a large California city. I am impressed with Christine’s ethics, personal integrity and her honest approach toward public policy. I truly believe in her ability as a Council member to represent all islanders equally and fairly. Please join me in electing Christine Minney for County Council.

Chuck Dalldorf

Friday Harbor