The Mayor addresses the April 7 fire

On April 7th, our town fell victim to a senseless act of violence resulting in millions of dollars in property damage and the loss of some of this town’s most iconic and historical businesses. I am pleased to report that a suspect is in custody. My many thanks to the men and women of the fire department, local and off-island, for their prompt and professional response in controlling and containing the blaze and preventing this terrible situation from becoming much worse. My sincerest thanks and appreciation also to the hardworking members of the ATF and our local law enforcement whose coordinated efforts resulted in the speedy capture of the suspect.

On behalf of the citizens of the town, I wish to convey our deepest sympathy and prayers to the owners of the businesses lost during the fire. Please know that the Town of Friday Harbor stands ready to assist in any way possible in restoring your operation as quickly as possible.

It has been over a week since the fire, and like many of you I am still processing the magnitude and scope of the loss. Although these businesses can be re-built, they were near and dear to our community. The memories and experiences in those businesses will forever be remembered and cherished by the citizens of this town. The community outpouring of support towards the businesses affected by this tragedy has been huge and shows the incredible sense of “islandism” we share towards each other. During times of adversity, you guys are truly ROCK STARS! And this office appreciates your efforts.

We also appreciate your patience and cooperation while crews continue to remove debris from the burn site. Temporary traffic rerouting and reduced parking may be implemented to help expedite the safe removal of debris and move us closer to the path of normalcy, which is what we all want.

I thank you all for your spirit and commitment to our town and to each other. Remember we are always stronger together than we are apart!


Raymont C. Jackson, Mayor

Town of Friday Harbor