SJI Public School Foundation board addresses levy

This year, our community has the opportunity to reinforce the importance of public education by voting to approve the San Juan Island School District Capital Projects and Technology Levy on Feb. 13. It is important to know this is not a new levy, but a renewal of the expiring 2020 levy to continue funding for 4 more years, at similar levels.

Education is so many things to our students. A place to grow up, pursue the arts, dive deep into the sciences, learn to write a first novel, explore music, design experiments to be tested by NASA, win state championships, and so much more. With a safe environment, modern facilities, and relevant technology and support, our staff and students can continue to thrive, and exceed the state average in graduation rates, college enrollment rates and participate in award-winning education.

This levy renewal will provide critical capital improvements that must be done in order for our public schools to function in every way our staff and students need them to. The replacement of siding, flooring, and paint are long overdue and must be addressed to avoid more expensive maintenance and repairs down the road, and distractions from learning that come from failing infrastructure. Optimizing the investment in the S.T.E.A.M. building by enclosing the breezeway will accelerate the public school’s ability to expand trade-based learning and applications. Modernizing the technology for staff and students will create best-in-class, relevant learning opportunities that will launch our graduates into the workforce with the skills and experience that are required.

“As a student athlete, I am grateful for the amazing facilities that we are able to compete on and share with the whole community, and for the technology that I use in the S.T.E.A.M. building every day. These experiences will allow me to go forward as an engineer someday.” Jack Hess, FHHS Class of 2026

As the San Juan Public School Foundation Board of Directors, we have the honor and responsibility of supporting our teachers and students in a variety of classroom needs that are not always covered by state or district budgets. We work with the district staff and teachers every day to ensure we can close the gaps. Through this process, we see the unwavering commitment by our outstanding administrators, teachers and parents working day and night to make every student reach their potential. This letter of support for this levy renewal is a loud and resounding cheer for our public schools, educators, parents, students, and the community that has so generously supported San Juan Public Schools.

Please join us in supporting the renewal of this Capital Projects and Technology Levy on February 13th.

Sincerely, your San Juan Public School Foundation Board of Directors,

Floyd Bourne, President

Brian Moore, Vice-President

Katy Taylor Jacobson, Treasurer

Darla Jungmeyer, Secretary

Katie Fleming, Director

Stephanie Buffum, Director

Wendy Waxman Kern, Director

Melanie Hess, Director