Sheriff Ron Krebs – a long-time islander | Letter

It was fall 2018 when I first learned that Ron Krebs was more than just a public figure but also a friend. We wanted yard signs for his re-election campaign. He came to our home after work and the three of us sat around and discussed The Little Store, my books, and Ron’s campaign. We also talked about crime and law. I’m a big advocate of law and order. My uncle was an attorney in Phoenix before he passed away in 1996, the same year my dad died, and a year before I moved to the island.

Since 2015, Ron and his crew have assisted us personally and professionally and have always been accessible when we needed help at our store or home. Through it all, Ron’s team has always acted fast and with empathy and courtesy.

Ron’s been an islander from way back, since before 2007 when he returned to work for the Sheriff’s office. He knows our island, its ways, and islanders. He understands nuances of enforcing laws while applying them fairly.

July 2017, I went on a ride-along with Deputy Eric Gardner. The ride-along was arranged through Ron Krebs. Typically, they arrange ride-along’s for people who might join the San Juan County Sheriff’s team. I expected a slow evening but then things heated up when a young man threatened to hang himself. Everything spun into warp speed. It was raining. The young man went missing. All the deputies knew him. It would be a tragedy if he killed himself. They were worried.

An hour later, four cars converged around him in a parking lot. Ron stepped up and talked him down. I watched from the car as the officers tried to help. Finally, the man agreed to go to the hospital. My ride-along started at five p.m. and finished at eleven-thirty. I was rung out after only a six-hour ordeal. Ron’s team does this every day. And why? Because they want to help the people.

That’s why I’m voting to re-elect Ron Krebs. His team’s personal goals align with our personal needs.

Susan Wingate,

San Juan Island