Selective protesting | Letter

I was struck by the article on our local anti-Israel protesters claiming to want peace for all. I wonder why this particular conflict has stirred up such active contempt. Did I miss their protests against the Saudi’s killing over 300,000 Yemini people? Perhaps I was off-island when they demonstrated against the Syrian civilian death count of the same number. I am certain that they are equally incensed about the Sudanese slaughter of innocents. The list goes on in our ugly world. Their public outrage is purely selective and that their target is Israel and only Israel speaks loud and clear to me.

The pro-Hamas protesters seemed quite proud to have a few Jews among them. Perhaps they believe these specific demonstrators would protect them against the anti-Semite label. In fact anyone of Jewish heritage that would stand publically with those advocating for actions leading to the genocide of their people are the worst anti-Semites of all.

It is my belief that these self-loathing acts are a weakness born from centuries of self-preservation. There have always been those of the Jewish faith, especially among the far left, that have twisted and contorted who they are to fit into what the mainstream wants and demands. Given the history, it is understandable but no less shameful. To me, they are spitting in the face of their grandparents, great grandparents and all generations past that endured brutal hatred, oppression, expulsion and extermination to persevere and rise again and again.

What I do support is the right of these and all demonstrators, no matter how hateful, to peacefully stand and protest whatever they wish. In spite of the best efforts of our national state and local governments to extinguish our free speech rights over the last few years, for now we still have them and they apply to all, even those coddling evil.

Lauren Cohen,

San Juan Island