Political leaders need to show support for the vaccine | Letter

Politicians who are promoting the spread of this dangerous virus are responsible for thousands of innocent people murdered by politically motivated peons. This is an intentional policy of extermination; they should be judged just like the Nazis that promoted the holocaust. We have lost more than half a million fellow citizens and still counting! There are governors questioning the use of masks!! The same masks we have used for two centuries to prevent infection in the OR. This is Germany 1940, looking to the other side while people were exterminated!

There is no evidence of anyone losing their life to the vaccine. However, here, in our corner of this tragedy, we have some peons of the schizophrenic legacy of the previous administration; they are vectors ready to help murder their fellow citizens; not by gas chambers, but just by gently passing along to innocent old folks a fatal dose of a deadly virus. Unbelievable but true!

Yes, Mr. Paulson, there is a chronic deficit of funding for our ferry system, but to use this explanation to justify the irresponsible behavior of ferry crewmembers is to be an accomplice in this campaign of genocidal extermination. We certainly need somebody to represent the citizens of our islands to deal with issues like this war against a powerful and dangerous invisible agent. I hope our governor declares an emergency and get help from the federal government to assist with the coast guard to help sail our ferries, and fire for good the bunch of “sic leavers” who are manipulating the rules to get away with their genocidal scheme.

“If you are willing to leave behind your neighbors — even in emergencies — unless you are given license to infect the fellow citizens that pay your own salary, you should move on Mr. crew member, there are other jobs where you don’t have the opportunity to have the life of others at your disposal.” This is the message we expect to be delivered by someone representing us, the folks of San Juan Islands.

This is a wake-up call, just like the damage the police suffered after witnessing the assassination of a helpless victim. In this case, there are thousands of helpless victims. It’ll take a long time to repair the respect we all use to have for our ferry sailors. It’s a shame!

Pedro Verdugo, M.D.

Emeritus Professor, Dept of Internal Medicine

School of Medicine, University of Washington