Plea for pledge | Letter

(Editor’s note: Rita Weisbrod, chairperson of the Mullis Center, stated that the Mullis Center is seeking to make lunches less formal in hopes of gaining more attendees, which is why they stopped doing the Pledge of the Allegiance.)

This letter is in regards to the chairperson of the Mullis Center not wanting members to say the pledge.

I have been a member of the center for over three years and have only missed one lunch during that time. You, our new chairperson, don’t attend lunch but seem to know what’s best.

Several members have had meetings with you since you announced your policy. In these meetings all you want to do is tell how highly educated you are and all of your degrees. I’m only a high school graduate but obviously, in the colleges you attended they lacked courses on gratitude and respect for all the men and women who have sacrificed for (your)freedom and rights.

The (your) argument is that younger seniors are not coming because of the pledge. An overwhelming number who attend lunch all want our pledge. If you were to attend a lunch you would see how many, given the choice, stand and join in the pledge.

I would like to see the minutes of the meeting when the decision was made, also an accounting of the 15-member board and their individual votes.

If there is such a large number as you claim, then prove it.

How about a vote of all members of the Mullis Community Senior Center? If you are only showing your personal political agenda then you should resign your position.

Rich Swenson

San Juan Island

San Juan Island