Now is the time for our library | Letter

In these stressful, contentious times our library, more than any other place, provides a center for everyone in our community. It offers so many services beyond books (check out the website and the future of these many services is jeopardized if the library remains in its present location.

The opponents of the library bond argue that now is not the time. But, if not now, when? The library has purchased a perfect centrally located site for a new library. The site selection was the result of months of work to find a suitable place to build. Consulting architects and engineers have determined that adding a second story is not feasible. If the bond is not passed the site will have to be sold and the library will lose forever the perfect location to construct, for the first time in island history, a building designed to be a library and provide the services we need.

The time to build a new library is now. Vote yes for the library bond.

Karen and Jim Vedder,

San Juan Island.