No patience with poachers at San Juan’s south end | Letters

Sunday afternoon, Nov. 14, we were at home working outdoors when we heard two gunshots very near, if not on our property.

Our property in the Cattle Point Estates subdivision is bordered by DNR land that shares a trail system with adjacent Land Bank property.

We intercepted the guys at their vehicle parked at the gated south entrance on Cattle Point Road. They fled the scene, but we were able to give the Sheriff’s Department an accurate vehicle description and part of the license plate number.

Two neighbors walking the trails heard the shots and were alarmed enough to retreat towards Griffin Bay, hearing a third shot in the Third Lagoon area.

The following morning, another neighbor on a walk found the gut pile and drag marks near Third Lagoon.

This DNR land is (and has always been) designated Natural Resource Conservation, to “protect outstanding examples of native ecosystems, habitat for endangered, threatened and sensitive plants and animals and scenic landscapes” (go to for more).

For some reason when the signage was installed “No Hunting” was not included with the icons for dogs on leash, no biking, etc. That is being rectified.

Paul McFarland at DNR urges people to contact him ( if they observe any misuse of the area and encourages input from the public regarding this and any other issues. Also Doug McCutchen, Land Bank Steward (

Holly Holtzinger & Jim McMaster/San Juan Island