Madrona Institute Climate Action Speaker Series is a must watch | Letter

My wife and I recently returned home to San Juan Island after being away for three years for medical reasons. Thankfully, all is well now and I am inspired to learn about many of the great projects, people and organizations working on solutions to the climate-related and other challenges we face in the islands. Specifically, one such group is the Madrona Institute who produced the Climate Action Speakers Series, facilitated by the wonderfully skilled and knowledgeable Nikyta Palmisani. The most recent presentation and discussion on Oct. 26 was engaging, inclusive and hopeful. I invite you to explore the Madrona Institute’s website,, to watch all the shows in the series and learn more about the Institute’s great work. It is clear that we have a great opportunity to join with others in conversation, collaboration and action to design more solutions to our challenges.

Larry Greene,

San Juan Island