Levy is critical for our youth | Letter

I am writing in support of the proposed 2024 Capital and Technology Levy. This levy was absolutely critical for our kid’s academic survival during the past four years. Without laptops and strong technology in the classroom, our kids would have quickly fallen behind. Instead, we are among the most sought-after student body for universities nationwide. However wonderful and amazing that is, there is a demographic that needs our ever-increasing attention. It is the group of kids who either don’t fit the collegiate mould or just love using their hands. So many kids who need to be exposed to trade classes are being either left behind or don’t have classroom opportunities to spark interest. This levy is our way of telling those kids, “We value you and will support your future.” The high school needs to close-in the breezeway at the STEAM building so that we can offer those crucial classes that will drive the solid, good-paying jobs we all depend on.

Thank you and please vote!

Adam Eltinge,

San Juan Island