Importance of voting | Letter

It Means A Lot

Voting is still days from ending when I submit this, but no matter the results, this is important to say – there are several people I want to thank for the help and support given during my campaign:

It begins with the folks who knew the nuts-and-bolts of running for election and were so generous with their time – it would have been a catastrophe without you.

The very fit paraders who helped out on the 4th while I got to ride.

The cadre of friends who reached out to help raise donations – this was no small effort

The people who were persuaded to actually send in some money – thank you kind people.

The extraordinary friends who agreed to be pictured on election postcards.

The writers who said such kind words about me in the newspapers.

The more-than-I could-have-imagined people who have offered me their encouragement and support.

The wonderful people I listened to and talked with during the last few months – hearing thoughts about the job the Port has done and what their hopes for the future are. This has been invaluable and has been a lot of fun.

And finally, the voters – not just the ones voting for me but everyone. You are the glue that holds everything together.

To all these lovely people, Alayne and I give our undying thanks.

Rich Goodhart,

San Juan Island