Hopeful that Mullis election marks a new chapter

Several members of the senior and disabled community banded together and took the Mullis Center to Court to regain the community’s right to annually vote for Operating Committee candidates of their choosing. The resulting Court Ordered election, the first election to occur in three years, held during the week of November 8-12, 2021 is a great victory for the community. This overwhelming election turnout validates and demonstrates–no matter who anyone supported–that this community institution is a valued and important asset not to be neglected or abused.

Hopefully, the well-attended Mullis election represents a point of departure from the administration’s missteps of the past few years, and a reminder to restrain themselves from attempting to remove voting rights in the future. Management cannot take their constituents for granted and assume they know best without getting the community’s input and approval. Elected individuals work for the constituents, not the other way around. Elections are important and vital to the health of every organization. Directors must embrace their fiduciary responsibilities and recognize their accountability for assets that they have been entrusted to manage. This duty includes needed transparency regarding financial matters of the organization. We hope all involved take the opportunity to hit the “reset button” and build on these recent experiences to deliver a more responsive, positive and productive Mullis Community Senior Center in the years to come.

Law Office of Stone & Bulloch, P.S.