Greg listens | Letter

“Greg Hertel has been an exceptional friend since I moved to the islands in 2016. He and his wife, Lunnette, have taken my friends and me in as their island family and have helped make this island feel like home. They have included us in holidays, where we would have otherwise not have had a place to gather, have housed us on their property in between transitions, have shared their home and family with us, have supported and cheered us on in all our adventures and endeavors. Not to mention how many times Greg has come to the rescue when we’ve been stuck on the side of the road or when my boat drug anchor multiple times.

Greg is always down to have a conversation and respects everyone’s views. He enjoys hearing different views and is always up for learning new perspectives. Greg is someone who will strike up a conversation with just about anyone and offer them a hand or a place to stay when they are in need. He is always available and willing to help when I need him. He is the person I can rely on for knowledge when it comes to boat and car expertise and has helped me multiple times with my own sailboat.

Greg has spent countless hours throughout the seven years I’ve known him to create port infrastructure that works for both the local community and the busy tourist seasons alike. Greg is always open to listen to what our community needs are and is not afraid to take action when necessary. He was previously port commissioner for 30 years and took his job very seriously, thoroughly enjoying it. He loves being port commissioner and having the opportunity to make a difference for us all. I can’t think of a better candidate for this position. He listens and respects his peers, is extremely community-driven, knowledgeable about boating, a multi-talented handyman, a great friend, husband, father, and a wonderful human all around! I will be voting for Greg Hertel for Port Commissioner without a doubt.

Mariana Malki,

San Juan Island