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Grateful for the new administration | Letter

A little more than two weeks ago, I asked my youngest daughter (early 40s, a delightful girl) if she were relieved to have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in office.

She replied saying she just couldn’t estimate how much! As I read and re-read Mr. Biden’s inaugural address, my spirit was lifted by the words and phrases he chose to communicate to the nation.

Words such as faith, hope and love, concepts emphasized like how we all need to work together to stop the epidemic as one nation of people, under God, with courage and empathy, courage and strength, caring for each other to do one thing in particular “to restore the soul”! Racial equity and justice are paramount in this time in history, United as one family by birth and reason. A time in History when our better angels prevail and a call to service, not discord and lawlessness. A time and a crucible in America, the land of the free and the brave within a precious democracy. Here’s hoping for that renewed dream my daughter is wishing for all.

Thank you very much.

Robert (Smithy) L. Smith Jr.

San Juan Island