EMS levy….Pause, take a deep breath and regroup

The PHD/EMS levy renewal ballot measure has engendered much banter for and against and has generated wholesale confusion among the voters. In many ways this is expected as the considerations and complexities of running fire and rescue as well as EMS services side by side by two separate agencies is an arduous and expensive task. Coupling this with heightened emotions, name calling and misinformation has made the choice for the voters nearly impossible.

Hopefully the electoral “pause button” will be pressed and the PHD and Fire #3 boards regroup and honestly review all the pros and cons of the integration of EMS services with the Fire District. To do this fairly for all parties concerned they will need to depersonalize the issues and concentrate on how to optimize a merger and finally establish a system to eliminate duplicate efforts, paying twice for redundant services and eliminate inter agency rivalries.

Both SJIEMS and Fire #3 have top notch staff that combined will perform even better than they already do. This on top of saving tax payer money and creating civil harmony makes for hitting a home run for our community.

Rob Callegari

J. Michael Edwards

Friday Harbor, WA