Dr. Joseph Ladapo wants mRNA vaccines taken off market| Letter

In last week’s issue there was an article submitted by San Juan County to get vaccinated this spring for COVID-19 along with the flu and RSV shots. On the issue of COVID-19 vaccination, I would like to bring to people’s attention one public official who wants the modified mRNA COVID-19 vaccines removed from the market. This man is Florida’s Surgeon General, an M.D., Ph.D, Harvard-trained physician Dr. Joseph Ladapo. He is really easy to find on the internet. Your first hit will be Wikipedia. Most initial information is negative because of his pushback on the safe and effective narrative on the vaccines. But I took a deep dive and watched several hours of interviews of Joe. I found him to be very professional and came across as a man who is sincerely concerned about Americans’ well-being. He does not believe the vaccines are safe and is adamant that the shot should not be administered to young adults and children. But, his latest concern has to do with DNA contamination of these vaccines through the use of Plasmid DNA derived from e-coli. Joe has sent a letter to the FDA and the CDC asking if tests have been made to ensure there is no contamination after purification but as of yet, has not received an answer. The problem here, is the lipid nanoparticle technology would ensure that DNA fragments, if there, would in fact enter the cells and potentially affect our human genome. We should be concerned.

Russell Bolte

San Juan Island