Disgusted over Lance Armstrong article | Letter

I remain disgusted at the publication of the self-serving piece regarding a thoroughly disgraced and absolutely unrepentant corrupt former cyclist, who not only continues to evade personal responsibility, but continues to let down so many who found inspiration from his “story.” His still claims that these were “allegations” against him, yet another a lie. He was conclusively proven to be a world-class cheat and to have defrauded the U.S. Postal Service with resultant heavy fines. The trope that “do drugs or go home” in cycling as a justification for cheating is vile and is the absolute opposite of what we in medicine and competitive sports try to teach children. This is a man who eventually milked his recovery from cancer to enhance his fame while later abandoning his life partner in the midst of her breast cancer. He coerced teammates into doing his bidding and ruined their lives in the process. Seeing a photo of him with an arm around a child is nauseating.

Shame on you!

Mark Fishaut, MD, FAAP

San Juan Island