Disagree without being disagreeable | Letter

Thank you, Bill Criddle, for your guest column on tolerance and the vitriol of the response to Ms. Loftus’ letter (Jan. 4).

If I hadn’t grown cynical over seven decades, it would amaze me how people who vilify haters and hate speech when it is directed toward certain minorities are so willing to engage in just as virulent hatred and hate speech when it comes to our president-elect and those who supported him. As it is, I just shake my head at their inability to apply their asserted values of love and tolerance toward those they disagree with politically.

I am a member of a group which reads and discusses controversial books. But we are able to express our differences, sometimes very significant differences, with respect for each other. Our group mantra is “disagree without being disagreeable.” And we do. It would be a wonderful mantra for our island community to adopt.

Is there a chance?

Christopher Hodgkin

San Juan Island