An opinion about safety | Letter

An opinion about safety | Letter

Editor’s note: Reminder that opinions within Letters to the Editor are those of the writer and not of the Journal editorial staff. We do not agree with the opinions outlined in this following letter but feel that it is not our place to censor the author’s opinion.

“When it is safe” and “Keeping you safe” are phrases we have been hearing and reading a lot.

If you have any common sense and have had a life well-lived, you will understand clearly that this is an illusion. “When it is safe…” means never.

Those who are hiding in their homes, disguised behind their masks and supporting governments crushing the livelihoods of hard-working Americans are victims of a crusade of anxiety and fear which we adults are passing onto our children. This fear hammered into you from every possible source is corroding your sense of self and the courage to control your own life.

If you paid attention in history class, you will remember that the United States is intentionally not like other countries. Liberty and freedom were the core values of this nation. Choosing liberty and freedom requires courage. Seeking safety and security from the government does not.

What you have been experiencing for the last several months is a campaign of re-education on par with the best that the Soviets and Chinese Communists ever came up with. Please understand that this is making you less of an individual capable of making your own decisions.

The local government in the form of our county council and some previously inconsequential doctor on our taxpayer payroll are perfect examples of this decline in courage. These officials both elected and unelected are making decisions for you based on their fears.

Every individual has the right to stay home and cower in fear but I do not believe you have any right to demand that I do. Life is risky… take some risks… live your life. If not, stay out of mine.

Have a nice day.

Derek Steere

San Juan Island