Letters-Bob for council

Sometimes things happen in life that then come full circle and deliver a surprise – which is how my dear friend reacted whenI told her we were supporting Bob Jarman for County Council District 1. Given past events, she asked me to explain mystance, which I will share with you as well.

Simply put, Bob is the candidate who knows us best. His experience and history here allow him to make balanced decisionswhich are necessary in solving our many issues. Decision-making absent special interest influence is in my opinion themost important trait of a public servant, and Bob is the one who can deliver.

Working in the public sector for almost 30 years, I know how important solid experience is in being able to deliver policiesthat when applied work equitably for citizens.

Bob has the best grasp on how we can move forward, balancing development and environmental regulations equally – arequirement of the Growth Management Act. He will look at root causes to best solve problems to make sure we arefocusing on simple solutions rather than making things more complex than need be. Please join us in supporting Bob forre-election.

Sheryl Albritton

San Juan Island