County recording fees increase to fund homelessness, affordable housing

  • Mon May 14th, 2018 3:07pm
  • News

Submitted by San Juan County

Recording fees in Washington will increase by $25 on June 7. The state Legislature increased the surcharge to fight homelessness by $22, from $40 to $62. It also increased the surcharge for affordable housing programs by $3, from $10 to $13. The increases will generate more revenue for homelessness and affordable housing programs at both the state and local levels.

With these increases, the recording fee for most instruments will now be $99 for the first page and $1 for each additional page. Deeds of trust will increase to $100 for the first page. Surveys and plats will increase to $183. State law requires that the county collect full fees and distribute those fees to the appropriate agencies. As a result, if a document is submitted without full payment, the document will be returned with a request that it be submitted with the correct fee.

For info, contact San Juan County Auditor Milene Henley at or 360-370-7558; or Kira Sable at or 360-370-7550.