Anacortes construction updates

  • Fri Apr 27th, 2018 5:18pm
  • News

Submitted by the Washington State Department of Transportation

All legs of the State Route 20 and the Miller and Gibralter roads roundabout will be open through 6:30 a.m. Friday, April 27. Travelers in either direction of SR 20 or Miller Road or Gibralter Road will approach the intersection, look left and when clear, proceed into the roundabout, signal your exit and then travel through that exit. If there is not a vehicle or cyclist in the roundabout to your left, you do not need to come to a complete stop. While there likely won’t be many pedestrians in this area overnight, if there are, you must yield to them as well.

Crews will monitor the area tonight and work more tomorrow. A weekend schedule is not determined yet but stay tuned for updates on that. There is no solid start date for Sharpes Corner lane reductions yet. They will likely start the second week of May, following work next week on the lanes between the roundabout, drainage, striping and other finishing touches near Miller and Gibralter roads.

Crews have started paving the ground down areas of State Route 20 through Oakes Avenue. Flaggers will alternate traffic until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. No work will happen over the weekend but some ground down sections could remain so make sure you’re slowing speeds though this stretch 24/7 until the work is done.

For anyone cycling through Anacortes and onto the ferry for Tour de Lopez on April 28, know that the construction work mentioned above could affect your trip. Avoid it by using Skagit County roads or the Tommy Thompson Trail off USBR 10 and then city roads through town.

View this Skagit County bike map to hep you choose alternate routes to the terminal.