I trust Asher with my life | Letter

I strongly urge San Juan County voters to elect Jeff Asher as our next sheriff. He has the experience, the skill and, perhaps most importantly, the spirit to lead the sheriff’s office.

I have worked with Jeff for many years under his leadership of the sheriff’s dive team. As a team member since 1995, I’ve come to appreciate his leadership and his skill dealing with people in difficult situations. I trust him with my life; in fact, I have frequently trusted him with my life in dangerous dive recovery scenarios. All the members of the dive team feel the same. Jeff inspires confidence.

I know Jeff will take a healthy community approach to law enforcement. As I watch him interact with people on the street, I can see that they are deeply moved by his concern for them; they know they can trust him. These solid relationships, built over many years will be invaluable to his work to keep the community safe. Jeff cares and listens. We need him as our next sheriff.

Please vote for Jeff Asher for San Juan County sheriff.

Kurt Schwalbe

Friday Harbor