Girls tennis- excited to be back on the courts

By Kathryn Wheeler

Journal contributor.

After three years without a regular season due to Covid, coach Kevin Cullen is excited to return to the courts for the upcoming girls’ high school tennis season. “Honestly, we are just excited to be back out on our courts!” he says. With newly reconstructed courts and a great deal of enthusiasm, the season promises to be a year of re-establishment for the eighteen girls on the team this season.

With only six ever having played a match, the season promises to be full of learning. The small number of returning players will “need to fill some big shoes,” showing leadership and demonstrated hard work, says Cullen, who will be playing two singles and three doubles teams, with one of the doubles teams being completely new to the sport.

The freshness of the team excites Cullen who says, “I am especially excited about the 9th and 10th-grade athletes because if they stick with it, they will have the time to develop into strong competitors.”

Cullen is grateful for players like Meg Carrier and Betty Furber. “Even though they only played a season, [they] are willing to step up and be our 1st and 2nd singles players,” Cullen says. The players’ “no quit attitudes” and athleticism will be a boon to the squad he says.

Ellie Rollins and Isabella VanderYacht will also be invaluable players, he says. As veterans of the program and the first doubles team, he expects they will make great contributions to the team. With many new players eager to learn, Cullen foresees a great season ahead. “If [players] build a love for the game, a willingness to give it their best shot, and a desire for continual improvement, we will call it a success,” says coach Cullen.