Town lifts water restrictions

Submitted by The Town of Friday Harbor.

The Town of Friday Harbor has lifted all restrictions on water use but asks customers to be mindful of their water use over the next several weeks as the Town rebuilds its reserve. Although this is no longer in an emergency situation, the tanks are several hundred thousand gallons short of normal reserves. The Town also asks that businesses and residents continue to check for leakage. Water crews have made at least three rounds of meter checks with no new leaks discovered in the past three days, but this does not guarantee there is no leakage.

The Town water crew continues to assist Harbor Ridge mobile park with leak repair required before resuming water service. Approximately one-third of the park has service as of Friday morning, and the park owners hope to have another third reconnected by the end of the day. The Town does not have a timeline from the owners regarding the remaining portion of the park where extensive plumbing work is needed. The Town will continue to supply a water trailer for the residents’ use.

Town Administrator Duncan Wilson offered this statement: “It can take an event like this to make us appreciate fresh, safe, and available water. Thanks go out to all our Town crews involved with the weather-related response that began on Christmas day. The water, streets, refuse, and sewer crews literally worked around the clock to keep us operating. Some came off vacation and a couple even came out of retirement to lend a hand. Thanks also go to our finance and administrative folks that assisted the crews and provided information to the public. Thank you again to the public for your conservation efforts. It was great to see the entire community pull together.”

This should be the final water update following the Town’s emergency rationing request which resulted from the freeze and the significant leaks on private property. Questions regarding water service should be directed to Town Hall at (360) 378-2810.