The truth about Oprah Winfrey’s reported land purchase on Orcas | Interview with the realtor

Online news outlets have reported that Oprah Winfrey purchased an Orcas Island getaway.

That’s partially true.

Winfrey is associated with Madrona Tree, LLC, which bought the $7.15 million property in question. But according to realtor Wally Gudgell, who handled the sale, it is considered a “passive” investment, meaning there is no indication she will occupy the property. Seed Money LLC purchased an adjoining property for $1.125 million.

“A business associate of Winfrey’s, Bob Greene, is the principal of the other purchasing entity and the one actively involved in investments on Orcas,” according to Gudgell, who sold the properties through Windermere Orcas Island. The sales closed on May 31.

The 43-acre estate is called Madroneagle, is located in the Olga area and features a 10,251-square-foot home. Gudgell says it is also untrue that Winfrey bought a “guest house” as part of the estate. That was sold separately more than a year ago to other clients.

“At one time the properties were marketed together but not for several years,” said Gudgell.