Man arrested for communication with a minor for immoral purpose and assault

Jason R. Peterson, 48, of Friday Harbor, was arrested for communication with a minor for immoral purpose and assault.

He is also facing possible charges for resisting arrest. Peterson will be officially charged by the end of the day on June 26. His bail is set at $25,000.

On June 16, a child reported to the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office that she was stopped and touched by a white man. The child was walking with their grandmother when the man grabbed the child’s shoulder and hair and yelled a profanity, according to court documents. The deputies made contact with the man believed to be Peterson at a nearby business. He allegedly told deputies that he had taken photos of the child and had to “touch” her. A deputy wrote in his notes that Peterson said, “Is something wrong with that?”

On June 18, a man reported that he and his child were in his vehicle when Peterson came up and said in explicit language that he was going to have sex with the teen. When deputies contacted Peterson, he again asked, “Was it wrong?” According to a deputy, Peterson did not seem to grasp that his behavior was inappropriate. He allegedly told deputies he takes medication for mental health issues.

On June 21, a deputy was contacted by three young girls who had contact with Peterson at a Friday Harbor business. One of the teenagers told the deputy that a white man in a green hat was touching himself and asking the girls to get into a nearby white car. According to court documents, a few moments later the owner of the car came out and told the man in the green hat to leave.

On June 21, a deputy had coincidentally seen Peterson in the store that day and recalled that he was wearing a green hat.

On June 22, deputies were called to the Tucker Street ball fields after receiving reports that a man, which turned out to be Peterson, was in the restrooms allegedly smoking marijuana. According to court documents, a deputy told him to turn around and place his hands near his back. Deputies say that Peterson refused, so they took his arms and placed him in a wrist lock. Peterson struggled and attempted to pull his arms while deputies ordered him to place his hands behind his back, according to court documents.

The deputies say they pulled Peterson to the ground to handcuff him, but he continued to resist the arrest. Eventually, deputies were able to cuff the suspect.

Deputies say they read Peterson his Miranda Rights and he did not respond that he understood. Peterson also allegedly initially refused to get into the deputies’ car.

At the jail, Peterson refused to take off his clothes and put on corrections’ clothing, according to court documents. The suspect told deputies that he had medication at his house. They eventually had to move Peterson’s arms, and the corrections officer dressed and undressed the suspect, say deputies. Peterson was placed in a padded cell. After deputies left, he allegedly slammed against the cell door to force it open.