Election results

In the race for San Juan County Council District 1, Bill Watson took the lead against incumbent Bob Jarman. Watson garnered 55.67 percent of votes. Incumbent Bob Jarman received 44.33 percent.

Incumbent Rick Hughes was elected to another term on the San Juan County Council for District 2. He ran against Michael Durland. A total of 75.09 percent voted for Hughes and 24.91 cast their votes for Durland.

More than 82 percent of San Juan County voters submitted their choices with a total of 10,531 ballots being counted.

District 1

“I appreciate all the support I’ve received. I’ve really enjoyed going around the county and hearing the hopes and wishes of the community,” said Watson. “I look forward to getting to work — working on the issues that folks and I have talked about over the last year. I also look forward to working with the two other council members, as well as other elected officials and staff.”

Watson has had a long career in the tech industry as a software engineer and manager. He said he believes strongly in clarifying land-use regulations, fostering year-round employment and encouraging long-term affordable rental housing.

“I feel privileged to join a good, solid and professional team and look forward to working with them,” said Watson.

His opponent, Bob Jarman spent 30 years with the local phone company before going out on his own and becoming a small business owner.

“I’d like to thank Bob Jarman. I’ve appreciated our discussion and debates and wish him well. We didn’t discuss personal issues – we kept talking about county issues,” said Watson. “ I respect Bob and his willingness to serve as well.”

In his time on the council, Jarman has been a part of some major headway in county government like the approval of Shoreline Master Program and Critical Areas Ordinance.

“I want to thank the community for their support and for electing me the first time. I enjoyed serving the citizens of this county,” said Jarman. “I did the best possible job I could and I will look at other ways to serve my community.”

District 2

“Thank you San Juan County for the opportunity to serve four more years from District 2,” said Hughes. “I’m looking forward to working with the community to solve hard issues like affordable housing, expanded ferry capacity, salmon recovery, sustainable agriculture, diversified economy and expanded regional transportation options.”

Since his election in 2013, Hughes has been a part of the following endeavors: public works safety improvements to county roads; a park and ride facility at the Orcas Ferry Landing; electric vehicles and charging stations throughout the San Juans for government employees; passing every state-required legislation in the past three years, including the Shoreline Master Program; putting away money in the rainy day fund and paying off the Solid Waste Excise Bond.

Prior to moving full time to Orcas, Hughes was an executive with ESPN.com and was one of the first online advertising sales executives. Now he and his wife Marlace own and operate Ray’s Pharmacy in Eastsound.

Legislative District 40

In the race for Legislative District 40 State Senator, island voted Kevin Ranker in at a 74.1 percent lead against Daniel R. Miller.

Congressional District 2 U.S. Representative

In the race for Congressional District 2 U.S. Representative, Rick Larsen won the vote ahead of Marc Hennemann with 72.53 percent.

Other races

Gov. Jay Inslee (D) was elected for his second term as state governor and Sen. Patty Murray (D) for her fifth term in the U.S. Senate. San Juan County voted the same.

San Juan County and Washington voters passed an almost $4 increase to the hourly minimum wage over the next three years to $13.50. Despite Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s win in San Juan County and Washington, Clinton lost to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“This race was a tough one – and I’ve been through a few,” said San Juan Island voter Paul Hopkins. “It gets harder every four years.”

For San Juan County residents, the presidential choice was difficult.

“Voting was really hard this year because of the choices,” said Dawn Falls. “Actually, it was fine until I got to the presidential race — I left that for last.”

To view election results in full, visit results.vote.wa.gov/results/current/sanjuan/.