Burglar steals money from The Little Store

A San Juan Island deputy responded to a reported burglary at The Little Store on Nov. 11.

Sheriff Ron Krebs stated that the burglar stole money from business but there were no firearms or intimidation involved. The suspect was identified on video surveillance and The Little Store decided to press charges against the burglar.

The Sheriff’s Office said they aim to keep terms general at this point as they do not have the full report written up and still have yet to send the complete report to the prosecutor’s office.

Undersheriff Zac Reimer said, “Robbery is taking something with force against another person. Burglary is entering a building or residence depending on the degree, with the intent to commit a crime. Burglary can involve theft but it can also involve assault. I believe in this case we are going to call it a burglary.”

The Little Store released a statement on its Facebook page the morning of Nov. 12 that read, “When you steal from The Little Store, you steal from Bob Wingate — a man with dementia, a man who can’t brush his own teeth or feed himself, a man who needs help getting up and down and help with walking. When you steal from The Little Store, you steal from a sick, old man.”

Until the investigation goes further, The Little Store will not make any more statements.