Recent town property purchases

After being in the hands of the Ericson family for decades, 380 A Street, the property housing Friday Harbor Freight Lines, Susie Mopeds, Groovy Things, and KFD Construction, sold to JAC 175 Web San Juan LLC of Seattle, for $1,770,000 on Aug. 21.

“It is the property that sold, not Friday Harbor Freight Lines,” said TJ Huffman of Friday Harbor Freight. “There have been rumors going around and people asking us. Even a staff member called me up.”

Huffman added that the company has been owned by Huffman Brothers Inc. for many years and Friday Harbor Freight Lines will continue its work.

JAC 75 Web San Juan LLC is owned by Jeffrey Carnevali, who also owns the public parking lot on Spring Street in the former Browne’s Lumber location. To read more about the lot agreement, read this article.

According to county records, Carnevali owns at least 4.95 acres in the Town of Friday Harbor, totaling about $4.7 million in appraised land value. This includes lots on Malcolm Street, Web Street and Argyle Avenue. He also owns lots on Mullis Street, not included in those figures.

Carnevali is the owner and inventor of RAM mounts, a Seattle company that creates mounting devices for electronics in vehicles.

The owner of JAC LLC also put in a bid on four undeveloped lots, currently owned by the San Juan County Land Bank.