Moose. (Animal Protection Society-Friday Harbor)

Moose. (Animal Protection Society-Friday Harbor)

Who is Moose? Guess and raise funds for APS-FH

  • Wed Jul 8th, 2020 1:30am
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Submitted by the Animal Protection Society-Friday Harbor

Hi, I am Moose. Aren’t I adorable? My new parents think so. I found my forever home and my owners have ordered a DNA test so they can find out exactly who I am. Of course, I know who I am — a great kid of 15 months who has a vocabulary like no other kid on the block.

I know I am strong, run like a Cheetah and hug really good. I’m friendly and want to HUG everyone (I sometimes am a little too loving if you know what I mean). Mom and Dad are trying to work with me on this.

The Animal Protection Society-Friday Harbor is having a contest and believe me – it will be so much fun! I mean anything having to do with me is FUN! I am a PARTY ANIMAL!!!! Can you guess what kind of breed(s) I am a mix of? Name up to four breeds that you think I am made of (my mom, dad, grandma and grandpa). Of course, grandma and grandpa could be the same breed???? I can’t tell you, sorry.

Guesses are $5 suggested donation (or whatever you wish). Donations are tax-deductible. Then, if you guess right, the winner(s) will have their name and picture published on our website and Facebook page with the announcement and our sincere thanks for your donation. If there is a tie, both lucky winners will be published.

Will you enter? You may be the lucky winner and your donation will help my brothers, sisters and kittens at APS-FH.

Make sure you look at how LONG I am and what my MUG looks like (so cute, right?). Check out my brows – my gosh people pay so much money for brows like mine. And, my eyes are piercing – they draw you right in, don’t they!

This will be fun – come on you can do it.

Go to and use the “Contact Form” to enter as many times as you want or mail your guess to APS-FH, PO Box 1355, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. Entries for the Guess My Breed Contest must be submitted by July 31. Donations are optional. Good luck!!!!