Community foundation and APS-FH raise funds and fun at the fair

  • Wed Aug 14th, 2019 1:30am
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Submitted by The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor

The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor invites friends, family and supporters to participate in the APS-FH and SJICF San Juan County Fair Matching Grant collaborative aimed at raising funds to contribute to the APS-FH water catchment system for the new shelter at 938 Cattle Point Rd.

The four-tank system designed by Mike Leland; “New Home New Hope” project manager, requires four 5000-gallon water catchment storage tanks to meet the shelter’s water collection needs. When all four tanks are installed the APS-FH will, through rainwater catchment, save water and reduce stormwater runoff, leaving softer prints on our San Juan Island aquifer and ecosystem.

Recognizing the need for the completion of the new shelter’s water catchment system the San Juan Island Community Foundation offered a matching grant toward the purchase of one of the shelter’s water catchment tanks. The goal is to raise $5,000 during the period from Aug. 14-17 the community foundation will donate 50 cents on every dollar raised until the goal is reached.

The APS-FH is asking for your help to raise funds for one of three remaining catchment tanks left to purchase and install (one catchment tank is already in place). To be eligible for the SJICF matching grant program, donations must be made to the San Juan Island Community Foundation directly, either in person at the fair booth or:

• By a check made payable to the San Juan Island Community Foundation with a note in the memo line “For (APSFH/CATCHMENT TANKS)” and mailed to San Juan Island Community Foundation, PO Box 1352, Friday Harbor, WA 98250; or

• By credit card on the Foundation’s web site at

Please stop by the SJICF Booth while enjoying SJC Fair fun for more information on the collaboration, our new shelter and to donate. Together we can help make our island community strong.