Bird watching at the Sculpture Park

Submitted by the San Juan Island Sculpture Park

Join us Wednesday, June 7 from 8-10 a.m. at the Sculpture Park for our monthly bird walk with avid birder Tyler Davis.

“One of our summer breeding residents that we saw on our June birdwalk last year and will keep an eye out for this month is the stunning Western Tanager,” Tyler says. “These birds have wintered in Central America, from northern Mexico to Panama, and have spent the last four to six weeks returning to their breeding grounds. Some birds will migrate as far north as Canada’s Northwest Territories to breed, while some will stick around the Douglas Fir forests near the Sculpture Park.”

The Sculpture Park at Roche Harbor is open from dawn to dusk. All are welcome, including children and dogs. There is no admission, but donations are greatly appreciated. The park is located at 9083 Roche Harbor Road, San Juan Island, WA 98250. More info at