Susan Williams and The Witsend Players at a rehearsal for their upcoming performance at Gubelman Theater.

A ‘kooky’ old radio show

The Witsend Players formed about 12 years ago when a group of actors, who happened to be friends wanted to, of course, act together.

“We wanted to do something different,” said Therese Finn, who described the players’ upcoming show as “kooky” and “something never heard or seen before at the theater.”

The players will perform the “KWIT Radio Hour” at the Gubelman Theater Friday and Sunday from Aug. 26 – 28 and Thursday through Sunday from Sept. 1 — 4.

This is the first radio show the players have performed in 10 years after the multiple requests of the San Juan Community Theatre’s Director Merritt Olsen.

“I finally gave in,” Finn said.

All the material in the one and a half hour show was written by Finn and John Davis last spring. Finn also directs this production with Susan Williams.

The show features about  six skits, which are parodies of old radio shows.

Instead of the “Lone Ranger” there is a “Stoned Stranger” and a soap opera called “As the Harbor Churns.”

“There are a lot of local references to our own little culture here,” said Finn.

She was inspired to write this piece because of her fond memories of listening to the radio as a child.

“You really used your imagination more than being stuck in front of TV,” said Finn.

And just like in the old broadcasts of radio, the audience will watch the actors make sound effects in creative ways.

“We really have fun,” said Finn. “And we want to share it with everyone else.”

There are eight actors performing 40 different roles.

The cast includes Davis, Williams, Daniel Finn, Keith Buscha, Julie Greene, Gretchen Gubelman and Rev Shannon.

“In this day and age you need a few laughs to let go of the serious stuff,” Finn said. “Live with love and laughter that’s my motto.”