Tennis court signage | Letter

Tennis court signage | Letter

Tennis court signage

Dear Friday Harbor residents,

I am writing to request the town to post a sign at the entrance of the Cahail Park tennis court that clarifies court etiquette when waiting for the court. The purpose of this request is to establish clear guidelines for using public courts like this to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to play and enjoy the facilities.

Public courts are open to everyone, and it is essential that we respect each other’s time and desire to play. A sign that explains the etiquette for waiting for the court would go a long way in avoiding misunderstandings and conflicts. The sign could include guidelines such as the maximum time limit for playing, how to queue when waiting for the court, and reminders to be courteous to other players.

The proposed sign could read as follows:

“Welcome to Our Tennis Court!

Please be respectful to your fellow players by following these guidelines:

– If someone is waiting outside the court, please limit your play to the posted time. 60 minutes for singles and 90 minutes for doubles.

– Don’t play for more than an hour in total. If someone shows up and you’ve been playing for 30 minutes, please wrap up after another 30 minutes.

– Avoid holding the court while others are waiting. If you’re waiting for a friend, please make sure the court isn’t going unused during that time.

– When you leave the court, pick up and dispose of your trash. Let’s keep our court clean and enjoyable for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your game!”

Establishing these guidelines will ensure that everyone has a fair chance to use the Cahail Park tennis court and other public facilities in Friday Harbor. I hope that we can work together to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all residents.


Benjamin Troutman

San Juan Island

Thank you for your coverage

BRAVO for featuring the article on our southern resident whales and the regulations regarding the minimum distance for boats. The whales are a precious resource for both the species and for our island’s reputation.

More articles on respect for animals would be most appreciated.

Charles Anderson

San Juan Island

Learn about local marine life at the Labs Open House

UW-Friday Harbor Laboratories enthusiastically invites San Juan County residents and guests to join us for our Open House on Saturday, May 13. The FHL Open House is a splendid opportunity to meet scientists, staff and students and to explore our research and teaching facilities. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday Harbor Laboratories will be open for free, self-guided tours.

Scientists and students will highlight their research and answer questions about studies of local waters and marine life. Our research ranges in scale from molecular to global, from cellular to ecosystem level. Organisms range in complexity from the simplest sponges to complex mollusks, other invertebrates and fish.

This year’s Open House will feature the Research Vessel Kittiewake, electron microscopy, SCUBA, live zooplankton, touch tanks of marine animals, a dock dive, and more. Our exhibits are kid-friendly, so bring the entire family for a day of learning and fun. We will have the Kiwanis Caboose selling hotdogs (cash only), and free popcorn for all.


Megan Dethier

Director, UW-Friday Harbor Laboratories