Senior saga continues | Letter

Rare is the country whose flag represents its history while at the same time updating its changes, as does the stars and stripes in the stripes for the original colonies and the stars for the states, adding a new one when another state joins the union.

Unique is the country that offers its citizens to profess, publicly and in a formalized manner, love for country and allegiance to the flag through the Pledge of Allegiance. Every citizen should feel privileged to have such opportunity, while those of other countries can only be envious of it.

Country, flag and Pledge, all, are totally non-political and those who think otherwise would do well to review history. Those who feel that their belief supersedes that of all others may want to review their public manners and find definitions for “respect.”

As a foreign national, I cannot salute your flag, nor can I join you in the pledge, but reasons that have caused me to retain my Dutch nationality also demand that I fully respect the flag of my chosen country of residence as well as the privileged right of its citizens to Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, etc.

Those who feel that their sentiments, pride, respect and full appreciation lie elsewhere may find themselves in the wrong country. Just in case “under God” in the Pledge is an issue, then please refrain from using the coin of the realm and be consistent, even if that inconveniences you.

If the powers-that-be at the Mullis Community Center feel that the flag and the pledge have no place in that facility, then they may want to review the pitfalls and fallacies of, and weakness in political correctness.

Ary Hobbel

Friday Harbor