Praise for Footloose production | Letter

I just attended the best dose of high-energy and good times San Juan Island has seen in a long time. Footloose, the Musical, drew a packed house at the San Juan Island Community Theater. It was opening night, and there was a lot of energy in the house. From the first scene to the curtain call, the kids put their heart and soul into their performances and clearly had a great time. From the tech crew to the lead roles, everyone did their part to provide an incredible evening of unbeatable entertainment.

Each kid added their own spins to their parts and brought a personal touch to the whole show, which the audience responded to with laughter and enthusiasm. High School productions always fuel a lively crowd, and this crowd set the bar for joining in with the kids in having a great time throughout this rejuvenating and epic performance.

Hats off to Robyn Buehler, FHHS Drama Coach, for fearlessly leading this ship into successful seas. Footloose is a big production, and she really pulled it off! Congratulations, Robyn, on a super show—thank you for all of your hard work.

Thanks to all the volunteers that helped with the play. From sets, props, costumes, feeding and keeping the kids happy and on an even keel—thank you to everyone who contributed to the overall energy and success of this show.

Thanks to all of the kids for working so hard; late nights all through “hell-week,” then working even later after play practice to catch up on homework. It is an all-in effort, and the fact that many kids return to the stage, again and again, shows their passion and enjoyment in working as a team to create something fantastic.

Lastly, thank you to the SJICT board and staff for opening the venue up to everyone in the community to enjoy. The energy those kids brought to that building really is what it’s all about—that is why we have a community theater, and it’s a really great thing when it all comes together so well.

Matt Markinkovich

San Juan Island