Planned Parenthood services available locally | Letter

Hello, my name is Sarah Neal from Spring Street International School. Did you know we have a Planned Parenthood? Not many people do. It is located at 470 Reed St Unit 2A, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. Planned Parenthood has a multitude of services including birth control, HIV services, men’s and women’s health care, STI/ STD testing, treatment & vaccines, and there is also telehealth services. Since planned parenthood has been on the island the rate of pregnancy has gone down also adding to safe sex practices. The new nurse practitioner is very experienced in the health care system making one’s planned parenthood visit very easy. Our Planned Parenthood takes insurance, but if you are under the age of 18 services are free, and all services are fully confidential for anyone. Planned Parenthood is an important resource for our community. It helps us exercise our right to have control over our bodies, and without it, we would suffer severe consequences.

Sarah Neal,

San Juan Island