Apology unnecessary | Letter

I regret the fact that the Journal felt the need to retract its editorial of July 24.

First of all, I happen to agree with the rather bold observation you made — that one country that requires everyone to say its pledge of allegiance to the national flag is North Korea — even if you did not intend to publish it.

Indeed, this was the first time in a long time that the Journal has had the courage to take a good, strong editorial position.

But isn’t that what the editorial page is for? Isn’t that what the definition of an editorial page is? That’s the place for taking a stand, stating an opinion about something in the news, expressing a viewpoint that doesn’t appear in the news coverage itself.

It is not only your prerogative to take controversial stands, but your obligation, your responsibility to make your readers think about the issues we confront in the San Juan Islands. Without that voice, the editorials represent nothing more substantive than a mess of cold oatmeal.

Fielding M. McGehee III

Friday Harbor