A letter to our PeaceHealth Peace Island Medical Center nurses | Letter

You are a nurse.

You care for the sick and injured.

You make sure they are safe.

You know each by name.

You remind them about wellness exams and preventative screenings.

You listen to their stories and learn about their lives.

You give hope when they have lost theirs.

You support their families in their time of need.

You support their decisions even if you don’t agree.

You are compassionate even if they are yelling.

You keep their secrets safe.

You laugh and shed tears with them.

You hold hands to calm anxieties and fear.

You hold hands so they know they aren’t alone.

You hold them in your heart as they receive that final diagnosis.

You run to get to your department on time.

You run to make sure your patient doesn’t fall.

You run to the bathroom before your next task.

You are frustrated trying to balance demands.

You are frustrated when you feel you can’t help.

You teach others how to care for themselves, while often forgetting to do this yourself.

Please know that I see you and hear you.

I am listening and seeing the good that you do.

You bring amazing compassion, courage and skill to your work.

You take care of your peers as well as your patients.

You are the trusted professional that everyone knows.

Our community is blessed to have each of you.

You are the best team of nurses and I’m proud and honored to work by your side.

Thank you.


Theresa Loya,

Director of Clinical Services

PeaceHealth Peace Island Medical Center