Food Biz: A two-day workshop on farms and food business

Submitted by the Economic Development Council.

Calling all food and farm business owners: Food Biz Week is just around the corner! Join Business Impact NW for two days, Feb. 22-23, for insightful and engaging panel discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities!

By attending Food Biz Week, you will gain insights into the current outlook in the food and farm sector and how to successfully launch or grow a business now and in the near future. The workshop includes panel discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities for food and farm entrepreneurs at all stages to help their businesses launch, grow and thrive.

All speakers will give a visual description of themselves during introductions and Automatic Closed Captioning will be made available through the platform.

This event will be hosted in English, with Spanish translation available [Este evento se llevará a cabo en inglés con traducción disponible en español]

The event will be virtual and FREE so you are invited to attend from anywhere in the region.

Visit the Food Biz Week website to learn more information or to register