Re: PeaceHealth Peace Island’s biannual report | Letter

In reference to the article printed on Aug. 23 re: PeaceHealth Peace Island’s biannual report to the San Juan County Public Hospital District 1:

It is important to note that our agreement with the district requires PeaceHealth to report only the financial performance of the Emergency Department, the family practice clinic and any adjustments made related to Medicare and Medicaid payments. During the reporting period, i.e., January 2018 through June 2018, Medicare and Medicaid adjustments contributed to the majority of the loss reported. We expect ups and downs in these adjustments – at times they are favorable to PeaceHealth; sometimes, not. Regardless of these swings, PeaceHealth Peace Island is financially stable and performing as we anticipated. And while we certainly pay close attention to the numbers in our balance sheets, we are far more motivated by our commitment – by our mission –to serve all who need and deserve health care in the communities we serve, including those here on San Juan Island.

Merry-Ann Keane

Chief Administrative Officer

PeaceHealth Peace Island