Wolverines teams shine

Several Friday Harbor Wolverine track athletes qualified for state this year, the meet was May 23-25. The high school girls earned fourth place in a field of 24, in the 4X100 m. race, according to coach Shannon Plummer.

“They missed third by less than a half second. I am very proud of them all, each and every athlete that made the trip to state,” he said, noting that the athletes had to beat the best of the district as well as bi-district just to compete at the state level. “Other events that made it to state did not make the podium but did try their best!” Plummer added.


The Wolverines ladies softball team made it to state once again this year. The playoffs took place Tuesday, May 24, and Wednesday, May 25. The team finished 8th overall.

“Overall our pitchers were solid and kept us in all four games,” coach Kirk Holt said.

Grace Pauls started pitching the first game, according to Holt, and she only walked one batter. The girls still lost to Liberty 7-11.

The second game against Dayton/ Waistburg the girls fared better, Holt said, winning 10-9.. Siri Lindstrom took the mound that game, and also only had one walk.

During the third game against Colfax, Holt said “we rotated pitchers every 2 innings that kept Colfax hitters from timing up the same pitcher. Grace then Siri, Marsella Kirkland, and finished with Raylee Miniken.”

The tactic worked well according to Holt, “I don’t think any team at the tournament had a bullpen such as ours.”

Holt gave a shout out to Bob Pauls, the Wolverine pitching coach as well. “He was spot on with his pitch calling, and our pitchers were nailing their spots on the strike zone keeping the batters from really squaring it up,” he said.

Freshman Ellie Perkins pinch hit in the bottom of the fifth and drove in two runs to finish off Colfax, Holt added, “That was a real highlight for her and our team.”

With no home runs were hit off the Wolverine pitchers all season including state, and pitchers only walked eight batters all tournament, Holt said, the team is very proud of them.

“With coach Brian Lambright out halfway through the season with health issues was a bit concerning for me and Bob as we had to take over,” Holt said, adding that the seniors stepped up with their mental and physical toughness and superior leadership to the rest of the team, making the season easy to coach.

“My hats off to Ava, Thea, Grace, Siri, and Jayna they lead by example,” Holt said.


Wolverines baseball wrapped up their postseason after competing at the state level May 18. “The season started out slow but guys stepped up, “ Coach Rich Warin said noting that while the team had a number of players miss time this year, younger guys stepped up when they were needed.

“The team was able to stay focused, mostly, during practice which is hard to do without a full schedule of games,” Warin said.

“Our guys continued to improve all year and we are very proud of what they accomplished.

Undefeated in league,district champions and 5th in state,” he added, noting that seniors Marshall Clark,Yadir Plaza and Lucas Chevalier will be missed next year.